Do you want to meet me?



I am Drew Homola, owner and manager at First Choice Builders. I wanted to tell you a shortened version of my story and how I got here.

I guess it all  started when I was 10 years old, I would dream of building homes for people. My Dad was a plumber and I would go and help him work. At first it was fun but when I would leave at the end of the day I couldn't see what was done. I quickly lost interest in plumbing. I would do this for a few years during school breaks and days off but only because it was a job that paid better then fast food and it was easy to have since my Dad owned the company. When I graduated high school I chose to start framing for a company called Scandia Construction. I LOVED it I could go to work and accomplish things! I could even see my accomplishments! I never looked back on plumbing. I moved a couple times and changed jobs a couple times trying to find a place to plant my roots. I left Kalispell MT where i grew up and moved to MN for three years working for a framer there also. When work dried up in 2008 I moved to Sheridan WY following another friend of mine. Shortly after I moved here I found an amazing girl who stole my heart and is now my wife! Her name is Heidi. I started First Choice Builders the  same year I moved here, 2008. I would do a lot of subcontract work, remodels, foreclosures, really anything to stay busy! Heidi and I had our first child, a girl named Halle. What an experience! Truly a doll! Time passes and we plug along. Roughly a year and a half later we have another girl and her name is Ayla. She is amazing! I love them so much! 

By now I am ready to try building a house. I know a guy who is a friend of mine and he loans me the money to build it. He gets half of the profit for his payment. This worked good, next thing I know my profit is spent! I didn't even start another house with it! Mistake! So I keep working away until a have the opportunity to build again. By now this is 2013 and I'm ready to put much of the smaller job away and focus on building new homes. This is what I love doing! I have been building homes ever since! I can see things get accomplished, I can design homes, (which I have an eye for and enjoy), I get to be constantly learning and improving the way we do business. All of these things are things that i really enjoy doing. My hope is to have the best building process of any builder, from great communication to quality work to great character. My goal is to make this process enjoyable! 

The things I enjoy doing when I'm not at work are, hanging out with my family, going to the lake, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and traveling. I have a lot of energy so i get antsy sitting in my office all day and really enjoy having a break and getting in some activity. 

There you go, here I am!