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14 Terrific Tech Ideas For a Smarter Custom Home

Are you lookin' to saddle up and ride into the sunset with the latest in home tech? Whether you’re curious and dabbling or an early adopter on the cutting edge, you’ve moseyed into the right saloon – uh, we mean blog. First Choice Builders of Sheridan, WY, believes that while the spirit of the Old West is timeless, there's always room to sprinkle in a little modern-day magic in our abodes. We build custom homes that support the folks who live there, and that often means using every available option in our ever-expanding modern toolkit.

Custom kitchen in Wyoming with high-end appliances and lighting installation

Tech Ideas for a Smarter Custom Home

Let’s take a spin around the landscape of tech options for your Wyoming custom home.


The Command Center: Custom Home Automation

Start your tech journey with a custom home automation system. With automated central controls, you're the sheriff of your own domain. Adjust everything from lighting to security, all with a tap or voice command. Your centralized system can communicate with all your smart appliances and gadgets for a symphony that supports your every need. Your refrigerator could notify your oven about the chicken you just took out, and it might suggest and pre-set an optimal cooking temperature. Or maybe your coffee machine sends an alert when your brew is ready. It's all interconnected, and it's all kinds of cool.


Explore Smart Kitchen Appliances

Everybody’s got to grub, and with smart kitchen appliances, your cooking routines can be easier than ever and often initiated from afar. Imagine a fridge that tells you when you're out of milk or an oven that preheats with a voice command.

Smart induction stove with Wi-Fi technology in Sheridan, WY custom kitchen

Light It Up with a Smart Lighting System

Why fumble with switches when you can command lights with your voice or a swipe on your phone? With smart lighting systems, you can set the mood, save energy, adjust the lights while you’re away, and even simulate a sunrise in your bedroom.


Green Pastures with the Automatic Sprinkler System

Maintaining green pastures has always been crucial. Today's"automatic sprinkler systems" ensure your lawn stays lush without wasting water or constant orchestration. Schedule watering times or sync them with weather forecasts to avoid over-watering.


Mirror, Mirror: The Smart Bathroom Mirror

This ain't your grandma's looking glass. The smart bathroom mirror can display the time, weather, and even your morning news. It's all the cool home gadgets rolled into one so you can keep your focus forward and your eyes up during your daily routine.

Extended bathroom vanity with trough sink and double faucets

The Heartbeat of the Home: WiFi Thermostat

Gone are the days of manual adjustments. With a WiFi thermostat, you can control your home's temperature anywhere. Heading home from an outdoor adventure? Set your home to be cozy upon your return.


Smart Energy Solutions for the Modern Homesteader

Harnessing the power of the sun was an old cowboy trick. But modern-day folks have access to smart energy solutions like solar panels and smart meters. If you’re interested in solar power for your custom home, our consultation services may be vital in selecting your lot and evaluating prospective building sites.


Rise and Shine with Unique Home Gadgets

Consider gadget and appliance upgrades. From smart coffee makers that brew as you wake to robot vacuums that clean while you’re out on the town, the range of unique home gadgets available can make daily chores a breeze.

Custom built-in coffee and tea machine in Sheridan custom home

Speak Easy with Voice-Controlled Assistants

These robot assistants are always ready to support your needs. Whether you're setting reminders, playing music, making announcements, or controlling other devices, voice assistants are the backbone of any high-tech home.


Tech-driven Tranquility: The Smart Bathtub

Now, we reckon even the toughest cowboys loved a good soak after a dusty day. Modern smart bathtubs elevate this experience. Features like automatic temperature control, mood lighting, and even synchronized music playlists mean you can enjoy a spa-like experience right in your home. 


Round Up the Security: Smart Doorbells and Cameras

Today's homesteaders can turn to smart doorbells and cameras to provide the best lookout possible. Get notifications straight to your phone, communicate with visitors, and keep an eye on things even when you're out on the range.

Custom home front exterior with smart doorbell in Sheridan, WY

Custom Deck Creations: Make it Smart!

As an extension of your living space, decks can now be fitted with tech goodies. Think about integrated lighting systems, outdoor Wi-Fi extenders for the perfect Netflix stream under the stars, or even hidden speakers for those impromptu barn dances. 


The Handy Cowboy's Sidekick: Smart Home Workshops

Every ranch hand needs a space for their tools, but what if those spaces were smarter? Picture workbenches with built-in charging stations, automatic inventory tracking systems to let you know when you're out of nails, or even safety features that auto-shut power tools.


Keep our trusty custom home building guide in your back pocket so the information you need is ready when you are!


Water Wisdom: Smart Faucets and Showers

Smart faucets and showers can regulate water temperature, control flow rates, and even offer voice-controlled operations. Save water, energy, and indulge in a luxurious experience, all with these smart plumbing features for your custom home.


Final Note: The Tech Frontier is Ever-Expanding


We can appreciate an industry always looking for the next big adventure. The world of smart home technology is constantly evolving. Today's tech wonders are just the beginning, and there's so much more on the horizon. That’s why building a smart custom home with expert help is so important. We’re here to advise you on the best today has to offer while keeping an eye on the expanding horizon so that your home is ready to seamlessly integrate future upgrades. Ready to ride boldly into the smart home future with First Choice Builders? Let's connect today.


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