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Our Warranty Options

2-year Mechanical Warranty

Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to the intricate systems that make your home functional and comfortable. That's why we offer a comprehensive 2-year mechanical warranty. Whether it's the heating, ventilation, or any other mechanical system, our promise is to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

10-year Structural Warranty

The foundation and structural integrity of your home is vital. Our confidence in the durability and stability of the homes we build is backed by a robust 10-year structural warranty. You can rest easy knowing that the bones of your home are built to last and withstand the test of time.

1-year Workmanship Guarantee

Quality is the cornerstone of First Choice Builders. We stand firmly behind the skill and precision of our craftsmen. Our 1-year workmanship guarantee ensures that every nook, cranny, finish, and fixture of your home meets not just industry standards, but the elevated First Choice Builders standard.

At First Choice Builders, we pride ourselves on an unmatched approach to project management. Our meticulous planning, keen attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality ensure that each project is executed seamlessly. Our strategic foresight anticipates challenges, turns them into opportunities, and ensures timely delivery. With us at the helm, clients can rest assured that their vision is in the hands of professionals who not only understand the art of building but also the science of perfection.