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Outdated Bathroom Trends to Avoid in 2024 - & What to Look For

Your custom home is the chance to get every detail exactly how you’d like it. You’d hate to build any space that quickly looks dated and needs to be redone in a few short years. If you’ve been dreaming of a custom home for a long time, you may have your eye on some features that have started to fall in popularity. That’s no reason not to include them if you want them. It’s your custom home, after all. However, if you are aiming for a current or timeless bathroom style, learning about design trends on the decline will save you stress and remorse in the long run.

custom bathroom remodel with freestanding tub his and her sinks

First Choice builds beautiful custom homes in Sheridan, Wyoming, and throughout this gorgeous state. Our expert insight helps to design and execute stunning new homes that fulfill lifelong dreams. We want you to love your bathroom and every custom space.


Tired Bathroom Trends to Retire in 2024

Everyone has their own vision and style, and trends don’t need to be top of mind when you’re finding the perfect fit for you. If you find a look you love on our list of outdated trends, there’s no reason to skip it on our say-so. However, if you’re concerned about resale value or universal appeal, don’t include these outdated bathroom trends in your new bathroom.


Vessel Sinks

Raised sinks on top of the vanity are called vessel sinks. We saw many more of them in new bathrooms a few years ago than we do lately. Bathroom sink trends in 2024 feature more inset options and sleek profiles. 

Extended bathroom vanity with trough sink and double faucets

Inset Whirlpool Tubs

While all the rage a few decades past, bathroom decadence has evolved beyond clunky inset whirlpool tubs. A luxurious soak will never go out of style, but sleeker tub models like a soaker tub are better options for an of-the-moment space.


Farmhouse Doors and Fixtures

We saw so much reclaimed barn wood, shiplap, and faux brick a few years back that these throwback styles point more firmly to the recent past than they do to their historical origins. If you are interested in channeling classic styles, there are more subtle nods to include in your bathroom selections to actually achieve a timeless look.


All White Everything

While an all-white bathroom gives the impression of a pristine space, this illusion is interrupted the moment a spill or splash occurs. White areas aren’t forgiving and can appear cold. A mostly-white motif can still be a great option, but breaking up the sterile surface makes a big difference.


Fussy Tile

Chevron, Herringbone, and other fussy types of tile are labor-intensive to install and can create excessive grout lines that require scrubbing. We also advise against tile that requires reglazing or other special care or cleaning instructions. Modern shower accents are sleek and easy to maintain.


Custom bathtub tiling surround with towel bar


Wondering what it costs to build a custom home? We explore the cost details further in our blog here.


Timeless Trends to Try Instead

We hate to tell you what not to do without providing some suggestions about what to do instead. No one likes to be a downer. Here are some of our favorite focuses to bring personal polish to your custom home’s bathrooms in 2024.


Smart Features

Program your shower to heat up to your ideal temperature while you’re still snug under the covers, or include radiant heat flooring to ensure your toes stay toasty. Include a smart mirror that gives you the daily data and updates you need without breaking your morning stride. Try a smart toilet, Bluetooth speakers, and other techy elements to make your routine an efficient affair.


Vintage Elements

Including actual antiques in your new home lends old-school credibility to new construction. Turn up the charm by upcycling an old vanity or hardware. Channel the past by including new elements with vintage flair. Brass plumbing is again on the rise, as is statement crown molding and gilded mirrors.


Custom home bathroom vintage style fixtures

A Shower Oasis

Build a barrier-free walk-in shower with seating and inset shelves to provide showering options for every occasion and member of the family. Consider a wet room with a soaker tub and a large shower for ultimate versatility. It’s easy to water fussy plants if they’re already in your bathroom. Consider greenery inside your spacious shower for a luscious living accent.


A Splash of Color

Vibrant reds and earth tones are trending in 2023. See 2023 colors of the year Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point, and Pantone’s Viva Magenta for great examples.) Add intrigue to your bathroom by choosing bold colors for your vanity, tile, accent wall, or more. Balancing bold choices with more understated elements brings harmony and character to every space.


How long will it take to build your Wyoming custom home? We dig into the specifics here.


Master bathroom with tub and shower across double vanity

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As Wyoming builders, First Choice knows that our custom homes must be as spectacular as the landscape in which we build them. We know we have the honor and responsibility of creating our client’s most intimate and personal spaces, and take this task very seriously. We’d love to talk more about your custom home hopes and vision and work with you to make it real. Connect with us today!

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