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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Wyoming?

There are plenty of reasons to build a custom home in Wyoming. Tax-friendly and beautiful, a home in Sheridan, Wyoming offers enticing expansion opportunities. If you’re investigating the cost of building a custom home in Wyoming, you likely don’t need much convincing about this fantastic prospect. You need information about the details related to the cost of the dream home you are planning.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Wyoming?

First Choice Builders creates one-of-a-kind spectacular Wyoming homes. We create neighborhood homes in Sheridan, WY, and wild retreats throughout our beautiful state. Since we build custom homes for a living, we are uniquely positioned to talk about the cost of a custom home and the factors that influence them.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a House Per Square Foot?

It’s almost too general to talk about the cost of building a home in Wyoming by square foot because every square foot is so different, and costs vary so widely, depending on the kind of home you’re building. While basic new construction costs about $150 per square foot in Wyoming, these new homes feature budget materials and stock everything. A semi-custom home, where you pick some of your finishes and materials from a menu, averages around $250 per square foot. Completely custom homes with luxury materials and finishes (think granite countertops, imported tile floors, and beautiful built-ins) start at $300 per square foot in our area and often cost more.


Cost of Building a Home in Wyoming

Our custom homes generally cost between $750,000 and $2,000,000. We know this is a wide range. Larger homes with more intricate details like decorative tilework and custom cabinets come at the higher end of our price bracket. The cost of building the custom home itself is not the only cost associated with creating your dream home. The cost of building a custom home doesn’t include your lot. Some custom home builders include site prep and landscaping, whereas others require you to contract those needs separately. First Choice happily completes your project from the beginning, from helping you find a lot if needed to delivering a delightfully polished exterior living space.


Most Expensive Thing About Building A House

Some of the most expensive items when building a house aren’t really negotiable. Aside from the cost of your lot, many large-budget items are necessary for construction. Framing, foundation, doors, and windows are often the most expensive things about building a house. If we’re discussing the interior, cabinets, especially custom cabinets, often add the highest lump cost to your construction.


Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building a House



One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your custom build is to reduce its size. Many people overbuild their custom homes and then have seldom-used space they must now heat and maintain. Don’t pay for the square footage you won’t need. Multi-use spaces can ensure you have everything you need while keeping square footage reasonable. There’s no reason you can’t combine a bedroom, office, or home gym, create cozy places to congregate, like a breakfast nook, and skip large formal sitting rooms or other “only sometimes” spaces.



Careful planning reduces the cost of building a home. It can be tempting to rush through the design and engineering processes because you’re excited to get your home construction underway. However, the planning process is the best time to identify potential problems and pivot to new ideas. Minor tweaks to your dimensions or design might drastically change the building cost, especially if these changes convert your plan to accommodate a standard-sized material. Extra time and deliberation while selecting materials saves you from changing your mind after everything is ordered or, worse, installed. Change orders slow your project down. They are much more expensive than you expect and certainly more expensive than the same line items would have cost the first time.


Material Selections

Everyone allocates their custom home budget a little differently. You can significantly alter the cost of building your Wyoming custom home by changing your choices for materials. Some splurges are completely worth it to get the look you love, but other swaps can make a small impact on your aesthetic and a large one on your wallet. One of the perks of building a custom home is access to the design and construction expertise that will help you capitalize on these opportunities to make minor adjustments that save your budget for big wishlist items like custom cabinets, gorgeous lighting, and beautiful countertops.

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First Choice Builder is the Best Option for Your Custom Home in Wyoming

Your Wyoming custom home is in fantastic hands with First Choice Builders. We cannot wait for you to feel the difference working with the ultimate construction professionals makes. Reach out here to tell us about your proposed construction project.

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