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Outdoor Living Space Trends for Your Custom Home

Let’s get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Welcome to our exploration of an important benefit of living in our beautiful area of Sheridan, Wyoming. Why live in such a beautiful place and spend all your time indoors? If you're looking to rustle up a curated outdoor living space while building your custom home and want a space that echoes the serene spirit of Wyoming’s majestic mountainous backdrop, hitch your wagon to this post. We've rounded up a great list of outdoor living space trends to create your personalized outdoor paradise.

wood balcony with chairs and table in wyoming custom home

Our Favorite Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Wyoming Custom Home


Location, Location, and (You Guessed it) Location

Appreciating the importance of staking a claim on the right piece of land is vital. A south-facing patio is the way to go. With winds commonly coming from the north/NW, a south-facing outdoor spot provides the perfect shield. Plus, having it on the sunny side keeps your space warm, welcoming, and perfectly poised for lounging in a sunbeam. When choosing your lot, be sure to remember this wind-taming tip.


Views as Wide as the Wyoming Skies

Nothing pairs better with a Wyoming sunset than a patio slab or deck capturing those breathtaking views. Imagine stepping out of your main bedroom onto a custom deck, coffee in hand, as the day breaks over the peaks. 

Custom wrap-around porch with view of Wyoming landscape

Pergolas: Not Your Typical Saloon Shelter

Pergolas have become synonymous with outdoor elegance. They are open-air structures, often adorned with climbing plants or vines, that create a peaceful shaded spot. They are a hit in the "outdoor living trends," making for a beautiful focal point in any backyard.

Custom wood pergola on Sheridan, WY custom home by First Choice Builders

Outdoor Kitchens: Where the Real Western Cookouts Happen

No need to be confined indoors when you cook! Outdoor kitchens, especially with pizza ovens, are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a unique cooking experience and are great for entertaining.


The Modern Cowboy's Fire Pit

Fire pits not only add value to your home, but they also provide a warm gathering spot for those cool Wyoming nights. Gather 'round, roast some marshmallows, and share a tall tale!


Light Up the Night with Trendy Lighting Options

The stars might be big and bright, but extra lighting can make your outdoor space shine even brighter. Whether you're considering fairy lights, lanterns, or modern LED solutions, the right illumination can make your space feel magical.


The Convenience of Gas Outlets

Gas outlets in your outdoor space can be a game-changer. They provide an easy and convenient way to power up grills, heaters, and other appliances.


Wondering what your Wyoming custom home might cost? We dig into it here.


Stamped Concrete Ideas: Leave Your Mark

For a unique touch, consider stamped concrete for your patio or pathways. It provides a rustic look, reminiscent of the old west, but with all the durability modern cowpokes have come to expect.


Modern Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Ensure your outdoor festivities continue, come what may, with modern covered outdoor living spaces. These provide shelter, style, and a touch of sophistication to your homestead. Consider a sun porch with removable screens for the most versatile living space possible.

Front view of Wyoming custom home exterior with covered entryway

Rope in the Ultimate Experience with Custom Deck Creations

The foundation matters. Custom deck creations aren’t just about laying down planks; it’s about designing a space tailored to your needs. Whether you desire a multi-tier deck for various activities or a simple, spacious platform to lay back and gaze at the Wyoming skies, think of your deck as your stage. And every stage tells a story before the actors ever arrive.

View of back deck on Wyoming custom home with outdoor table and wood porch posts

The Watering Hole: Introducing Water Features

Water features add an element of tranquility and elegance to your outdoor space. From burbling fountains that remind one of the brooks in the mountains to serene ponds mirroring the vast Wyoming sky, water features are aesthetically pleasing and provide a calming ambiance.


Build in the Fun With Outdoor Bars and Entertainment Spaces

An outdoor bar is ideal for those looking to host lively gatherings or enjoy a relaxing evening cocktail. Stock up on your favorite beverages, set up some bar stools, and add a dartboard or horseshoe pit to create the perfect gathering place that never charges cover.


The Outdoor Living Room: A Blend of Nature and Comfort

Think plush outdoor sofas, soft throws for chillier nights, and maybe even a hammock. Add a coffee table and a few lanterns, and you’ve got yourself an outdoor living room that rivals the comfort of the indoors and offers a superior view.


Experience Al Fresco Dining

Why dine indoors when the beauty of Wyoming awaits outside? Equip your outdoor space with a dedicated dining area. Consider adding a feature like an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven for those special weekend brunches or dinners under the stars.


Gettin’ Grubby: Outdoor Gardening Spaces

For those with green thumbs (or aspiring to one), dedicating a section of your outdoor living space for gardening can be deeply rewarding. Raised planters, potting benches, and trellises can turn your deck or patio into a plant haven. And the best part? You can grow your own ingredients for that outdoor kitchen! Fresh tomatoes for your pizza or herbs for your BBQ can be just a few steps away.

Luxury custom home in Wyoming with pool, deck, and garden

Riding Off Into the Sunset With First Choice Builders

Your outdoor space should reflect your preferences, needs, and the beautiful Wyoming landscape surrounding you. So, saddle up, set your sights on the horizon, and contact First Choice Builders to help you realize your custom outdoor living dreams. Happy trails to you, until we blog again! 

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