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10 Best Places to Live in Wyoming

Ready for a move? First Choice Builders creates custom homes in Sheridan, Wyoming and throughout our beautiful state. We love the common threads and unique facets offered by each area we visit when we work. If you are considering building a home in Wyoming, here are our top recommendations for places to move or build a new home.


Why Live in Wyoming?


Rugged Beauty and Seasonal Splendor

Wyoming is home to expansive plains, majestic mountains, and rushing rivers. We provide the perfect backdrop for every outdoor recreation dream. Wyoming offers scenic splendor for every beautiful and clearly delineated season. Enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking, hunting, fishing, off-roading, and more.



Wyoming levies no state income tax and collects one of the country's lowest property tax rates. Couple this with reasonable land prices and cost of living, and stretch your finances farther by building your forever home in Wyoming.


Rural and Small-Town Options

Wyoming offers wide-open spaces and the feeling of wild limitlessness,  but it also provides charming small towns with character and a cohesive community. Though you’ll likely enjoy some privacy if you’re interested in a remote property, you can avoid complete isolation by living near one of many charming small or medium size towns. 

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Best Places to Live in Wyoming

Whether you’re currently a Wyoming resident or considering a move to the Cowboy state, there are plenty of appealing places to live in Wyoming. We’ll run through some of our favorites to help you find some great places to live in Wyoming that offer the options you’re after.



Cowboy history is deeply rooted in Wyoming’s capital. Home to the largest outdoor rodeo in the world and a fascinating Wild West History Museum. Nestled near the base of the front range of the Rocky Mountains, Cheyenne offers serious outdoor adventure. It’s also one of your best bets for big-city entertainment like touring shows. The Union Pacific Train Station, the University of Wyoming, and 2 military bases keep Cheyenne bustling. 

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Beautiful hiking, horseback riding trails, skiing, fishing, and more, Sheridan offers something for the cowboy in everyone.  Sheridan provides a medium-sized town with loving homages to the Wild West woven through the city's fabric. Sheridan is a lovely place for families, with a funky downtown with unique bars, coffee shops, and highly-rated public schools.

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Overlooking the sweeping Bighorn mountains near Sheridan, this smaller Northern Wyoming town is a great place to live if you like outdoor activities and a quiet, small-town atmosphere. This little town sits just off the Montana state line, and students who live in Ranchester attend Sheridan County schools.



Story is located about 7 miles South of Sheridan, offering another small-town haven for those interested in out-of-the-way living that isn’t completely out-of-the-way. Students in Story attend Sheridan County Schools. Story is home to a fish hatchery on Piney Creek, which is open to the public and fascinating to tour.

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Dayton kids attend Sheridan County Schools. This pocket of less than a thousand folks offers outdoor recreation and main street charm. Beautiful views of the Bighorn Mountains are available from every angle of this idyllic spot in Northern Wyoming. 



Headed from Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone on Wyoming Highway 16? You’ll drive right by Buffalo. As a town of a little under 5,000, Buffalo boasts its own K-12 public school system. Though it’s got a small-town feel, there’s plenty to do. With a golf course, fairgrounds, antiquing, and colorful downtown with a storied Old West past, Buffalo isn’t “the most lawless city in the nation” anymore, but it sure is a lot of fun.

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Banner is another extremely small area of a few hundred residents in Northern Wyoming. Kids in Banner attend Sheridan County Schools. It’s a close neighbor to Story, but we love both quaint and lovely areas so much, we couldn’t choose between them.



Gillette is a great destination if you’re making your way through the region’s highlights such as Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore. It’s a mineral-rich area, with coal and other natural deposits, making it the energy capital of the nation. The CAM-PLEX Multi-Sports Arena is an awesome experience for rodeo, boxing, dance competitions, and more. There’s always something to see! Campbell County Schools offer excellent public schools and are big enough to draw in a wide array of resources, curricular offerings, and athletic options.


Rock Springs

Rock Springs provides beautiful city parks, rec leagues, and hiking trails. At just under 25,000 residents, Rock Springs is the 5th most populated Wyoming city, making it a nice compromise for those who want amenities and access to wild places. In Rock Springs, you can hit the rodeo and the dunes on the same day. Kids in this southern Wyoming town attend school in the Sweetwater County District Schools. 


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By Wyoming’s standards, Cody’s population of around 10,000 folks is a rather large option. Cody is a tourist community, and the rhythm of the summer boom and winter off-season lends a unique energy. Recreation is supreme on the Shoshone River and the foothills of the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains. 


First Choice is the Best Choice for Your Custom Home


First Choice would love to talk to you about your vision for your Wyoming custom home. We’re confident we can create an exceptional and spectacular place for you to spend your daily downtime. 

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