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What is Design-Build?

You've heard about the design-build option sweeping residential construction and wondered if it's right for building your Wyoming dream home. What is design-build? Design-build services are a comprehensive in-house process where one agency partners with you from the beginning to the end of your construction journey.

Exterior of one-story custom home with attached two-car garage

A Tale of Two Homes

As design-builders in beautiful Wyoming, First Choice Builders is ready to help you understand the beauty and benefits of this method for creating custom homes. We passionately believe in our process and our results, and we want you to understand why. We could probably explain it best by giving you an example.


Design-Build Project Simplicity

Let's say you want to build a house and you want to build it to your specific needs. This is a custom home, built to meet all of your needs and preferences. You want 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a 2 car garage that is big enough for a wood shop. You really like the old craftsman style and care about energy efficiency. You have a budget of $500k. When you come to us with these details, we would work with you from the beginning of design all the way through the end of the construction project, making sure everything is just the way you want it.  Continuity is one of the main advantages of design-build services. With a design-build contract, you end up getting a much better experience and result than the "typical" method of design-bid-build. All of our design and construction expertise is housed under one roof, so we create something we know we can build, collaborating and communicating along the way to ensure you understand the timeline, cost, and variables we're considering. 

Exterior of custom home build with attached two car garage

A Maze of Potential Problems and Pitfalls

With a more traditional, design-bid-build custom home building, you are the project manager and must coordinate each professional. First, most people get a design from someone like a draftsman or architect, or from a house plan store online. The kicker here is the creators of these plans likely have no building experience, although they are good at drawing plans. Next, potential homeowners take their plans and go visit a few builders to get prices, called bids, to build the project as drawn. The builders all have their own ideas of what should go into a house, so they bid the house the way they think it should be done. Many people wonder why prices returning bids differ so much. After all, they all have the same plan. Many times the homeowner goes with the builder who can offer the best price. This can quickly turn into a huge regret. The person who promises you the world and is still cheaper than the rest is often missing a few essential things or even excluding them intentionally so they can hit you with a few big change orders as soon as you opt for quality materials. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen more times than we can count.


Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build


So we'll leave it up to you. Which would you rather have?


  • A home designed for your every need.
  • A trusted partner and friend.
  • A project completed on time and within budget.
  • A seamless and stress-free process full of professional collaboration.

Exterior view of custom home in Wyoming landscape with siding and roofing done



  • Find or commission your own blueprints
  • Coordinate your whole bid process
  • Collect prices, compare bids, take your best guess, and pick a builder
  • Oversee the project yourself, making sure the change orders are accurate and accounted for, and the budget is correct.


The choice for the process, your experience, and your results are in your hands. We admit, as design-builders, we are biased towards the design-build process. It's the model we selected for a reason.

View of new construction home site in progress with excavator in front of scenic Wyoming mountains

First Choice is Your Best Choice for Wyoming Custom Home


First Choice Builders truly believe in design-build custom homes to achieve superior results in the most efficient process possible, and we'd love for you to experience the design-build difference for yourself. Let's connect today to design and build your Wyoming custom home together.


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