• Drew Homola

Its all about a good pair of socks

A foot is something that helps you get around, helps you get things done. If your not careful your feet can get you in trouble, bring you places you don't want to go. Feet are your sub-contractors.

Socks are thin, they go between your feet and your shoe. Socks add comfort, reduce pain. They make it easier to put your shoes on your feet. Socks are less obvious then shoes or feet. A lot of time the public will see the shoe but not the sock.

The shoe is the homeowner, we all want the shoe to shine! let everyone notice the shoe, and let the shoe receive the compliments. The foot and the sock are happy to have a high quality shoe to be with. The shoe is the hero!

You might think I'm crazy at this point but just stick with me for a little bit. Have you ever tried to run and slide down a hallway with out socks on? Sounds a little dicey doesn't it? Have you ever worn the wrong shoes with out socks? Sweaty uncomfortable feet, and wrecked shoes. Have you ever gone bare foot without shoes or socks? Sounds a little painful. This is similar to building a home without a builder, or the wrong builder. We must match the socks to the shoes for the best performance.

A good sub-contractor (foot) will do the heavy lifting. He will tread across whatever the road may have on it. He is the one who is dedicated to getting his job done and not complaining. He also is very well trained in his field and helps others when questions are need answered. The sub prefers to have a good builder who will give him a lot of work and always pay on time. He isn't especially happy dealing with people. He is not always organized and can be hard to communicate with. 

A good builder will keep your schedule going and keep good communication with you during the process. They will make sure your permits are all pulled and your plans/design are right. They will give you a budget and allow you to make changes as you please, but also be very clear and upfront with you on the way those changes are going to affect you. A good General will make sure all the subs are lined up, doing the work that needs done, and making corrections when needed. They will have vetted their subs so they are  always hiring good ones. They have experience and know the difference between right and wrong. And they will always provide a layer of protection between the owner and a sub. They take responsibility, they are business minded, they carry insurance, a builders license, pay their taxes, and all their bills. They don't have financial issues. 

And finally a Homeowner is the hero. We all want to make the hero be noticed. We want them to be happy. If the homeowner is happy then we are all happy. We all are trying to get the owner compliments. The owner is the one who makes our life easier, they make the route easier to walk on by protecting us all. Making speedy decisions, keeping a good sense of humor, and if we're lucky the owner will tell their friends about the builder and his great team.

So, if your sock is a good fit with your shoe, roll up your pant leg and let everyone know what socks you chose to wear! let everyone see your socks and how good your taste is!

Drew Homola

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