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Why Build a Custom Home in Wyoming?

Wyoming offers wide-open spaces, lower tax rates, down-to-earth people, and more. Your dream home belongs amidst the rugged Wyoming landscape. Building a custom home in the perfect place is the beginning of the life you’ve been saving and planning for. We’re happy to dig deeper into the details and show you why you need to build a custom home in Wyoming.

Why Build a New Home in Wyoming?


First Choice Builders has been creating beautiful custom homes and commercial buildings in and around the Sheridan area since 2008. Our main focus is to offer a seamless, fun, and exciting building experience where every detail counts.


Pros and Cons of Building a House

Our happy clients will tell you it is more than worth it to have a custom home built. However, it’s not for everyone. There are plenty of things to consider before committing to a custom home, including the pros and cons. Review the benefits and drawbacks of building a house to bolster your confidence in your decisions. Also, our First Choice team is more than willing to guide you and help make the right decisions from the start.   


Benefits of Building a House

Complete Customization

One of the main benefits of building a custom home is it puts you in control of the details. From the layout to the materials, the position of your windows and doors, and even the orientation of your home on the lot. Having everything exactly how you imagined it is the primary benefit of building a custom home. Experience the ease of daily life when every storage solution is personal, every finish is your favorite, and every room includes the desired features.

Benefits of Building a House in Sheridan, WY

Get off the Housing Roller Coaster

One of the benefits of building your own home is that you don’t have to enter the real estate rat race. Searching for the perfect home is exhausting. In the scurry to find their next place, many homeowners make offers on less-than-ideal properties to secure a place. This either locks in frustration or commits them to renovations and updates in the future. 


New is Efficient

New appliances, construction materials like insulation, and modern low-flow plumbing can create efficiency that wasn’t available during previous construction eras. New construction is often much more energy-efficient than older homes, which translates to monthly savings in your utilities and overall convenience and ease of use.

custom home build with wood beam ceiling open floor plan in wyoming

Drawbacks of Building a House


Building a custom home costs more than buying a pre-built or existing home. If you’ve chosen universally appealing details, you will likely see some of this investment returned at resale. A custom home can cost more than 20% more than stock new construction, but these costs are influenced by your choices and allocated to the areas where you have chosen to splurge.



Building a custom home also requires an investment of your time in providing input and direction while working with your architect during design and waiting for your custom home to be built. If you’re ready to move right now, an existing home is probably a better bet for your schedule. From the day you sign an agreement with your contractor to the day you stand on your porch with your keys, the process of building a custom home can take a year or more.


Why Build in Wyoming?

Wide-Open Spaces

Wyoming offers beautiful landscapes and national parks for hunting, fishing, hiking, and more outdoor recreation than you can possibly fit into a calendar year. Build your home on the edge of the wilderness to stretch your recreation opportunities across your everyday life. Sheridan offers big-town amenities and shopping nearby. You can calibrate your location closer or farther from town, depending on your taste for the wilderness.

Why Build a Custom Home in Sheridan, Wyoming?


Wyoming does not have state income taxes and has a variety of other tax-friendly policies, such as some of the nation’s lowest property tax rates. These pro-business policies attract savvy move-ins and retirees ready to make the most of their nest egg.


Seasonal Delights

Wyoming experiences delightful seasonal shifts that rotate outdoor offerings through an impressive array of the season’s best. Snowshoe, ski, and sled with the kids in the winter and enjoy the warming weather and gorgeous trails, rivers, and lakes in the abundant Wyoming sunshine.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Wyoming?

Custom homes in Wyoming start around $300 per square foot and can cost significantly more than this, depending on your plans, materials, and finishes. This price does not include your lot. First Choice is happy to help you find the perfect spot or build on the land you have already purchased

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom Home in Wyoming?

First Choice is the Right Choice

First Choice would be honored to connect with you to hear more about your custom home or commercial project. We understand that a custom home is a sizable investment in your future happiness, and we’re honored to execute your vision. Our artisanship, professionalism, and thorough planning and communication create the premium experience you’re looking for in your Wyoming custom home-building experience.


Connect with us today to tell us more about your project.


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